Night-owl, I wrote it and or Early-Bird, All’right, I did it

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I woke up early at a wee hour, today, with in mind to put down the idea that I was looking for in late the evening, thinking that I would find it, when I’ll wake up  afresh, as a good night sleep is a mother of conseil, like the saying  goes, and as often it works;  the cause of it, a friendly reminder from Weekly Wp challenge, urging me to post one, to commit to my weekly goal; but I had no idea, I was wondering  what to write; it  just sucked me as I was updating some of my old posts, a working habit_taking advice from a French classical poet, Nicolas Boileau that he said:

“Polissez-le sans cesse, et le repolissez,”

a quote, I treasured since High-school, that my teacher loved to repeat when passing in the rows of students, in classes for homework  review. We might freely translate as ” Polish it without cease of strife, and  then polish it again,” advice since Greek and Romain times, then experienced  writers used to urge their disciple to practice, longtime before ” wax on wax off “_ Myagi the master’s advice to” Karate Kid,” in the movie.

Then it stroke softly my neurons, while I was listening to classical music; typically the chords  drift to them,” vissi d’arte,  vissi d’amore–I lived for Art, I lived for love”_Puccini my favorite, and it said it all;  I find this gem in the book (Charles Lamb _The Evolution of Elia, ) by George L. Barnett, chapter Five, page 127_The  Craftsman. In  a footnote to”Oxford  in Vacation,” the essay  in the London Magazine ” Fine things in their Ore”,  in the passage below, write it down for the pleasure to read it

“How it staggered me to see the fine things in  their ore!  interlined, corrected as if their words were mortal, alterable, displaceable at pleasure! As if they might have been otherwise, and just as good! As if inspirations were made up  of parts, and those fluctuating,  successive , indifferent! I will never go into the work shop  of any great artist again, nor desire a sight of his  picture, till it  is fairly off the easel; no, not if Raphael were to be alive again, and painting another Galatea.”

For those  who read for pleasure only, this may be a valid approach of my own;

“Night-owl, and Early bird I am, to write  it down, I needed an awl to carve that damn-good idea from its ore”_Ink’n Quill


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