prompt-remind-me|Yesterday-The Beatles

Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

by Krista on March 2, 2014

“A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place.” 

It was  in the Seventies, at the bus stop,  at the arrivals of the Orly Airport, in Paris,  I was about to board while she stepped out of the bus and walk  away with her daughter, she was talking to her, then suddenly  I recognized her at the voice with her sweetest  accent, the one that you never forget; an English woman trying to speak French.  She was no more  the young sophomore classmate that she used to share the bench with me, in  Hi-school,  few years ago. I look at her from a distance, through the panes, few moments before that the wall separations hidden her  from sight as the escalators went up. In that time of school, we were  studying English classes, her father used to work abroad, and each time he brought her with him, the vinyl discs of the Beatles ,with some others, for the lyrics,  because of the assignments, like Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohan, Bob Dylan, as it was the Beat generation at that epoch, and we were fans also, before  that the disco-cassets made it flood the market.

Like to say, at that moment, the odds were, that the speakers  in the departure lounge were playing  “yesterday”, the song of the Beatles, and today also, some 40 years later:

_Depart is such sweet sorrow

_”An American in Paris”,  Film in theatres with Gene Kelly, Oct. 1951

_”Aimez-vous Brahms?” Author, Francoise Sagan, Good by Again, Film By Anatole Litvak, /#q=aimez-vous+brahms

_”Paris, C’est Triste Sans Becaud”, _”Orly.”  Song, By Jack Brel:


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