On my own words

Do you breed  rare words, and sentences?


Good sentences are well-bred, often when they are pregnant with the right word_ le-mot-just, dear to Gustave Flaubert. The major soucis  of a writer is to find it. They have a pedigree,  like a pure specimen,  they distinguish themselves from the herd, because of the beauty that emanates from their imposing presence,  and the gracefulness in their structure, arise to perfection ; we discern them, instantly  .

I am an autodidact writer, and enough of an artist to observe to things , it became a second habit like , a 6th sense, a fascination by quest in  taking pleasure to look after  singular and exceptional  sentences,  well crafted with simple words and concise meanings. There are people some who collect  memorabilia, curios, and rare objects, and the like, someone’s, who they are birds watchers, other people are beaches raking, and riverbeds dragging, for gold ore deposits, and precious stones, but for my part, I’m a guard, a sentinel of a tribe called the pursuers   of quest for  good prose. I treasure words, to compose some sentences  of a kind that’s, one might stop at it, and says “wow” after reading it, that would be  embodied in a short phrase, and in their comments   They say on_”oh! That one, she comes from a fine breed, of a mare and a stallion, ” speaking of horses, or ” hum…” like  degustating a bit of fromage, a chocolate,  a sentence made of rare words, like when some connoisseurs tasting of rare wines, triple-distillation whiskeys, champagne and fine arts.

Sometimes I feel, that my blog is  like a shop of curios and that I am standing at the door a groggery, awaiting for a rare passer-by, some time, to stop by and look at it, then after a lengthily gaze, posed back it on its dusty place, and continues his wandering. It’s like when reading a quote from Mark Twain:

P. Dusenheimer, standing in the door of his uninviting groggery, when the trains stopped for water, never received from the traveling public any patronage except facetious remarks upon his personal appearance.
– Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner, The Gilded Age, 1873

Then,You have this kind of feeling, of déjà-vu scene

So, pardon for the appearances, that might cause you a yawn, when reading my blog, so just smile, it’s a sugar in the raw, as sea salt is in vogue, today. I continue refining it meanwhile, I promise that’s when you  stop by the next time, it’ll be stirred off from all the debris, and shining with the haze that we call meanings; In the perspectives of going viral

It has been four years since I started blogging around with my Mackeen,The Algeria Goldfinch a Primary Blog at WordPress , I had carried it in cage since 4 years already,  like Chris Gardner (Will Smith) in The pursuit of Happiness movie, carrying with him his invention case wherever he goes, while struggling to build a future for himself and his 5 years-old son. Save, that (my son) is at the same time, my blog which is, a lost cause that I have struggled for to bringing to attention of the Algerian public the endangered national bird, the Chardonneret Parva_ the Goldfinch and the precarious environmental habitat in which it lives, by protecting both. So, until it goes viral, (the blog, I mean ) I continue to post ever since in a while as time permits, and trying not to be boring, with respect for the reader, and just gathering little by little, some likes and followers here and there,  with my other published blogs.

So as, one day I’ll be dancing in the street, and patting my shoulder, like when Chris Gardner hit the jackpot, by making a deal of half-million dollars, I only hope for get that mush of likes and followers, that’s what means going viral to me. Until then…Still we can always dream.

It’s all in the sharing, that’s all

Thanks for reading


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