How I write

I am an autodidact writer, and enough an artist to draw upon my imagination of a child within, that is, I still keep my dream alive, malgré-tout. I lose contact with my muse for, sometimes_work, daily train-train, and necessary household duties obliged, then it’s timeout for hobbies, and the like. But, _”chase the natural, it comes back in gallops,”like the French adage said, isn’t it? Then, here I am on the road, on stage, to write; it’s a one-stand alone, in a one- man-show,  facing a blanc page.

Courtezy Lynette Noni

So I never consider a blanc page as a void, but a space to my passerby thoughts, so I frame it the moment it shows up, whether I was doodling on a scrap of paper, or a Sketchbook. A blanc page is your best confident friend, like a book is your companion. A blanc page never complains about how you trait it, and always gives you back what you put on it, and then you’re left by your own critics with your thoughts. “Seize the thing, and the words will flow, ” Cicero said, and draw a ligne to, fix the moment when you see a glimpse of a picture , of an idea in front of you, like Cézane,  That’s all!

The rest is superfluous, besides , of what is the next idea in contrast, what are negative spaces next to positive space, light and shadows, chiaroscuro, and prose and poetry. All what left aside is pure artistic literature.

So, writing is never depressing, facing a blanc lets me draw imaginary lines in a frame, a widow to a universe beyond reality, to contemplate, like in a daydream, a perspective, to a fleeting wisp that resizes itself an instant, before being carried away by the flow of things that cross my mind, in a wisp of a frown: what are you thinking then, and what are you thinking now?


Am I there yet

I make up my mind , it’s only with heart’s-ease, but after “seven years of reflections,”  I stopped writing about Goldfinch, and as the adage says, that I said to myself:

_”Finally, it is time I think, to leave the everlasting meanders of an essay, to consider consecrating one’s mind to a narrative worth writing.”like, say, ” If I knew my mind, I would not make essays. I would make decisions.”_Montaigne

That is, after reading a passage from the book ” Good prose” of Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd, where it shows a tentative writing a story about building a house by carpenter; simply put, it shows how a persistent idea of writing a narrative story that doesn’t work, finally  it was abandoned, after too much time spent on writing and rewriting it.” It isn’t always a bad sign when a potential story doesn’t talk well”.

I came to the evidence that all the work was like, say, “juvenilia writing is worth keeping and consulting for its honesty and its exuberance as mush for historical usefulness.”_  Ian Crouch.

Peace in mind, I was a writer in his debut…”not a schlockmeister looking for a quick buck.”–Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code