Am I there yet

I make up my mind , it’s only with heart’s-ease, but after “seven years of reflections,”  I stopped writing about Goldfinch, and as the adage says, that I said to myself:

_”Finally, it is time I think, to leave the everlasting meanders of an essay, to consider consecrating one’s mind to a narrative worth writing.”like, say, ” If I knew my mind, I would not make essays. I would make decisions.”_Montaigne

That is, after reading a passage from the book ” Good prose” of Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd, where it shows a tentative writing a story about building a house by carpenter; simply put, it shows how a persistent idea of writing a narrative story that doesn’t work, finally  it was abandoned, after too much time spent on writing and rewriting it.” It isn’t always a bad sign when a potential story doesn’t talk well”.

I came to the evidence that all the work was like, say, “juvenilia writing is worth keeping and consulting for its honesty and its exuberance as mush for historical usefulness.”_  Ian Crouch.

Peace in mind, I was a writer in his debut…”not a schlockmeister looking for a quick buck.”–Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code


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