I write, because…

Often I am permitted  to return to a Meadow

_Jack Duncan

Often I am prompted to write
and I write because,
That just for those
Whom dare to come back
for a little Dickens
Now and thence
Just to say hi
Like jack Letterman said
On One late night show
To visit my blog
And drop by a little like
Often I am returning to see
How it’s look like
With my broken English
the poetry I wrote for those
with a broken heart
God bless the broken road
And the one not taken
So I am writing often
Only with words that heart
Can understand but eyes can see
A language you speak
A little help you seek
An old friend you find
Open your mind and
The words will flow
a rainbow you can see
It as the tips of my fingers it’s flow
The work state of mind
The heart warm of mine
In those times of cold
Those words I was told
When I was three-Apples tall
Now that I am old
Words that I can recall
Often I am permitted
Returning to that old Meadow
When speaks memories
It’s like opening a window
Come see, my Old Amie
Her shadow sways near to me


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