Learning From The Masters

Every Master has a disciple, Aristotle, Socrates, Davinci…and the list is long. For, a yogi needs a guru, a bonz monk looks for a Zen Master, as much as pupil for a teacher. Through History, in his seek for knowledge, Man has learned from his kin, sometimes from Nature, and always from his mistakes. Man, after having domesticated  the horse,  invented the wheel,  he wanted go at sea, needed a sail, looked at the stars, to find his bearings, going his way.
I learned from my master patience, endurance, and ken.
Did you have a master? Do you still Remember his name…

In naval navigation, sailors used ago the “capable segment”; to go only from point A to B, for a short  distance, as for the longest, now with your cellphone, you can go back home even walking.

By the way, did you call you mom? Hug your son today, and kiss you father his forehead? Thank God for being alive


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