Soul-of-my guitar

I learnt from thee, passer-by
To recite yours of Poetry
Those verses, I made them a song,
Poems, like leaves fallen from a tree,

A tide, rolling away on the street
The passing of Autumn, dyeing his body_
A girl with a tattoo, paint’d on a dragonfly
Drift away, walking a dog at her feet.

Mid-haiku, and half-quatrain,
Be it a sunny day or it rain
Night and day, Time flies
A Daydream, tell me where it lays

I, like a cicada, had
It sung all day long
Resting on a limb of a tree
Passer-by, sing with me

may I sing it the summer along
Sway with me, Stay with me
That’s for, O you passer-by,
Make a Bow with your hat

At Mid-day or rush-hour
Take the A or the Q-trains,
stopping by,  for a second,
At thirty-fourth or forty-second
The street, I make home our
Be it snow or it rains

Oh! How foolish, thou arth
You throw, dimes and dollars,
on the ground at my feet,
while the soul of my guitar
Burns low like cigar
Makes your hearth, beat
In a kvel of delight

I don’t need the spotlights
I don’t need the limelight
I don’t need all the above
All I need is love

Can’t you see me,
that I am bleeding
Can’t you see me
That I am weeping

It’s here, it’s deep
In my insides-within
Still my guitar gently weeps

Can’t you see those, at noon
My tears like diamonds,
It’s like on a starry night.
Rise your eyes, as you might

can you see the moon
Reflecting its eye in it
The offing, or a ship at sea,
Tequila at sunrise
Sorry, I drink Poesie

Ô you Time Passer-by
Whisper my song to the ears of the wind,
It’s like a dream,
ice cream in a gleam

It will rest
on a dream-catcher’s net
A dandelion On a stay
A fleeting wisp, at ease

So, will you please
Gimme back my dream,
And take with you, yours
I need my hearth to rest
Take me home

Take me home, it’s enough for me,
Of all the broken roads, and tour
Ends of the World I roam troubadour
Finally A shore  to hug,
a safe harbor that’s all I need
To rest my bones, on a dock of the bay at last.

Take me to the mountain,
A water, to drink from a fountain
Take me to the river
I would like to see my face in it,
Once more with my eyes
If the river is still a river
Still Running thought it,
If the mountain still, a mountain
The Ozarks to climb it
To see the southern stars in the sky,
Orion, Betelgeuse, and Rigel,
An old wish I hold to quell,
The Milky way, At my eye
the sky is the limit, I can tell
I’m sailing Anyway

So, O you passer-by
Passing Time Square
Look what they have done to my song.
Take it from my tongue,
Look where it lays,
At Broadway
They ditch it